Designing the Autumn/Winter range

As Autumn sets in and the first makers’ markets of the season approach, my focus turns to designing a new range of couture chocolates. Every single chocolate is handmade - individually painted with coloured cocoa butter and filled with ganache to a unique recipe. A few people have asked where I start when creating the ranges, so here’s a little insight into my design process...

Toxteth Chocolate is all about colour, and for the new range I cherry-picked shades from my brand artwork as a starting point for the colour scheme.

I normally start by experimenting with pencil/pastel on paper, and when I have some strong designs I’ll take the plunge and start mixing pigments with cocoa butter.

Therein starts lots of tweaking of techniques and shades - this season, my goal was to create a colourway that has an Autumnal, dusky look, but remain playful and fun.

Flavour-wise, I’m learning from experience and bringing back some 2017 favourites! White chocolate with Baileys will be making an appearance, along with Salted Caramel - by far the two most popular flavours from last year.

I’m always interested to know what flavours people want to see, so drop me a line or grab me at a market.

Tocky Chocky X

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